Automotive Heritage Journalism Awards

Submissions for the Journalism Competition are now Closed.

What are the Automotive

Heritage Journalism Awards?

Automotive Heritage Journalism Awards honoring journalists, editors, producers, photographers and others who produce stories focused on automotive history, culture, and aesthetics. Entries will be from print, Web, audio, video, any combination or any other platform. It’s the story-telling we’ll honor.

  • Best Car Culture Story
  • Best Automotive Travel or Adventure Story
  • Best Personality Profile
  • Best Marque-Specific Story
  • Best Facility Story – Museum, Race Track, Proving Grounds, etc.
  • Best Heritage Motorsport Story
  • Best Restoration or Repair Story
  • Best Blog or Column (including opinion) – based on 5 examples
  • Best Automotive Heritage Book
  • Best Audio or Video Story

Contest Rules & Regulations


Entries must have been printed, streamed, posted, or in any way produced for public consumption during the calendar year 2018. Some category overlap may occur. Entrants will decide what category to enter. Entries must relate is some way to the topic of automotive heritage, but the organizers intent is to be inclusive. Entrants have an opportunity to describe their entry during the submission process, and we encourage that. If the organizers deem an entry ineligible for any reason it will be returned with a refund of the entry fee.


  • Contest opens for entry submission on January 13th, 2019
  • Deadline for entries is midnight May 31st, 2019, 12 a.m. EST.


The overall winner of each category will get a unique trophy created by renowned automobile fine artist Alex Buchan, and the winner’s entry fee will be returned.

Awards Presentation

The awards will be presented on July 28, 2019, 10 AM at the Brembo Hospitality Tent on the grounds of the Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John’s. In order to attend one must have a valid press credential for Concours. Credentials will be approved for VIP attendees who are not members of the press.

Criteria & Submissions


We will be honoring stories well told, regardless of media. Each entry will be evaluated by an expert judging team on the basis of overall quality, significance, precision, journalistic integrity, and aesthetics. Judges will be chosen from among the heritage automotive community, including journalists, academics and others who are knowledgeable, respected and steeped in the appreciation of automotive heritage.

Rights to Submissions

All submissions remain the property of the owner of the material. Event organizers may request limited use for promotional purposes.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is $50. The “Best Blog or Column” requires 5 selections or examples and that constitutes one entry. Scholarships are available to cover all or part of a student entry if needed.

Submitting Your Entry

All entries must be submitted on this website. Articles and works must be submitted with the payment. Your information is secure behind an encrypted SSL. Click the button below to begin the submission process.